Take Your Friends Everywhere You Go



Home is a very important concept for children.  It means safety and rest.  And a  cottage epitomizes the idea of a delightful environment in which to live and love. My Cottage Purse has been a best seller for many years and they have gone all over the world and not just to children.  Plenty of adults have bought them for themselves, too.  However, I made the original Cottage Purse as a safe place to carry my daughter’s tiny doll friends that she kept with her at all times.

The tiny doll that comes with the purse is made exactly like my larger Waldorf dolls, with a  sculpted head, embroidered face, and removable clothing.  (Although you may need tweezers to get the legs back into the tiny little pants.) They are jointed and have all the details like a belly button, of my other dolls.  But they are magical because of the size, and children love them.

The purse is made of cotton canvas that I dye in various hues for an interesting backdrop to the wool felt details like the garden and the Gothic window.  It is lined with a beautiful cotton print and has antique buttons for closure and for the door knob.

They are available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/25800330/cottage-purse-and-tiny-waldorf-doll   You may buy just the doll, or the set.  I have also added some larger sizes, recently.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful, magical day in your own beautiful place.

Playtime IS Learning Time For Your Child

Play is how children learn.  It makes up most of your child’s early life.  Their toys are friends and companions.  Why not buy beautiful handmade toys made by artisans from wonderful natural materials?

My dolls and toys are made in my home, not in a factory.  Each one is unique and I believe a lot of their character comes from being created in a loving, pleasant environment. Here is a picture of a group of my Waldorf dolls going to bless someone’s home and inspire their children.

Please visit my shops on Etsy  https://www.etsy.com/shop/HillcountryDollmaker  and Hyena Cart   http://hyenacart.com/stores/HillcountryDollmaker/   .

I hope you have a wonderful day enjoying childhood in your own life!  IMG_20160408_130739637

Hillcountry Dollmaker Waldorf Dolls Love Spring

Who doesn’t love Spring? And since the groundhog says no more frost, flowers are sprouting up everywhere. Inside and out! lavender-plants

How about a flower loving friend to bring Spring indoors, or to accompany on Spring explorations? IMG_0931

Or a fairy – everyone knows fairies are just the epitome of Spring. MVC-007F

Or an Elf with his lizard friend? MVC-678F

And you need a flower boat to carry everyone in. MVC-654S (1)

Whatever you do and wherever you go on your Spring-time adventure, may the flowers and bounty of nature feed your soul. Please visit me at HillcountryDollmaker.etsy.com or hyenacart.com/stores/HillcountryDollmaker

Wholesome Materials Go Into Creating Hillcountry Dollmaker Waldorf Dolls

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACotton Plantangora2 I started making dolls for my own children because I loved handmade items and because I wanted to use the products from my garden and sheep and goats.  Doesn’t the beauty of the source of the materials making up a product also add to it’s beauty?  When so many of our products are made in far away factories from questionable materials, and the income derived from this production is not supporting a beautiful lifestyle, I wonder if such items are worth having as treasured childhood belongings.

Doll shown above is a 21″ custom order available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/40791827/waldorf-doll-21-inch-custom?ref=shop_home_active_11

lavender-plantsSheep Picture

Spring is in the air at Hillcountry Dollmaker!

I hope you are all enjoying the fresh air and warmer weather as flowers start to emerge and vegetable plants go into gardens, and trees leaf out in that marvelous new green.  Just wanted to share my new magical gardener friend, Florence, a rabbit fairy who is 23″ tall, has button jointed limbs and was hand painted for interesting markings on his soft cotton velour “fur”.  There is now a custom listing available here for this sweet gardener dude:


Happy Spring!!!



Fall Is On The Way

The light seems to change this time of year, indicating that Fall is on the way soon.  Here at Hillcountry Dollmaker, we are looking forward to a busy season making new friends for children all over the world.

Most of our dolls and animals are custom creations, created using favorite colors and styles that are among the many options for a handmade toy that is lovingly created to go through the very important childhood of a loved wee one.  So the cutting and sewing and stuffing has already begun in anticipation and in the hopes that none will have to be turned away for lack of time available.

Plans are underway for unique creations that will have new fibers for hair, including Alpaca  and Teaswater and Angora goat locks.  Yarn is being spun and plied for sweet little sweaters and maybe a baby cocoon or two.  Dragons are being sewn and made ready to be dyed lovely hues.

It is not too soon to place your Christmas Waldorf doll and animal orders.  Please visit my Etsy shop to see all the possibilities!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/HillcountryDollmaker

We hope you are enjoying the last of summer and looking forward to the next season, as well!


Children Love Babies


This style Baby in a Moses Basket was one of the first dolls I made to sell.  I noticed that small children love small toys – at least my children did!  And they loved having something to carry their babies around in!

These little 6″ babies have a lot of tiny details worked into them.  They have jointed limbs and needle sculpted details like knees and elbows.  They have a small felt diaper tied on with ribbon under the soft cotton velour outfit.  The sweet faces are embroidered using half a separated strand of embroidery floss for very fine features.  Real mohair wigs give these precious babies a beautiful, realistic look.

I love using different prints together for the basket, which comes with a pillow and blankie. I make these Moses baskets, as well as my boats, in large sizes as well as these tiny ones.  I remember my younger daughter carrying her boat everywhere, with the straps slung over her shoulder, and the boat packed with all her favorite doll friends!

You may order one of these, or another of my creations at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HillcountryDollmaker


Waldorf Dolls Make Wonderful Christmas Gifts

I have been making Waldorf dolls for Christmas for 18 years.  At first I made them for my own children and then for the last 8 years I have made them for other families.

Waldorf dolls are beautiful because of the natural materials they are made of.  They are also unique when created by dollmakers.  The manufactured one are lovely but there is something special about knowing the person who makes your child’s new beloved friend.  Of course,  if bought online, you don’t really know the dollmaker, but I like to converse with my customers and really enjoy getting to know, even briefly, the family who will love my next creation.

Often the family will send a picture of the child who will be the doll’s new friend.  I get to discuss skin tone, eye colors and clothing choices.  Sometimes I hear stories about the child’s personality.  And often after Christmas I receive an email with a picture of the doll and child.  I love my profession!

To order your own Waldorf doll for Christmas, please visit my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HillcountryDollmaker