Waldorf Dolls Make Wonderful Christmas Gifts

I have been making Waldorf dolls for Christmas for 18 years.  At first I made them for my own children and then for the last 8 years I have made them for other families.

Waldorf dolls are beautiful because of the natural materials they are made of.  They are also unique when created by dollmakers.  The manufactured one are lovely but there is something special about knowing the person who makes your child’s new beloved friend.  Of course,  if bought online, you don’t really know the dollmaker, but I like to converse with my customers and really enjoy getting to know, even briefly, the family who will love my next creation.

Often the family will send a picture of the child who will be the doll’s new friend.  I get to discuss skin tone, eye colors and clothing choices.  Sometimes I hear stories about the child’s personality.  And often after Christmas I receive an email with a picture of the doll and child.  I love my profession!

To order your own Waldorf doll for Christmas, please visit my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HillcountryDollmaker